duminică, 5 mai 2013

Poem Boem

While reading an architecture related magazine, it happened to come across something I consider to represent entirely the Romanian architectural style. 
Now called "Villa Poem Boem" which basically states everything this monument represents, it was built following the plans of the great Romanian architect, Toma T. Socolescu, in 1925, as a gift to his wife. Probably the purpose of this architectural jewelry greatly influenced Socolescu into building something so authentic. 
His characteristic style was Brancovenesc, obvious is this one building. The first Romanian style, Brancovenesc is a mixture of traditional with international elements, it is considered to be the Romanian Renascence, developed later than in the rest of Europe. 

I have to stop analyzing this from the architectural and historic point of view and conclude by saying that I consider it to be a masterpiece, by one of the most renowned Romanian architects. 

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